Our Services

Our Services

Spectrum of Services offered by MITCON Credentia Trusteeship Services Limited (MTSL)

Debenture/ Bond Trustee

To provide Trusteeship Services to the Public and Private Placement Issues of Non-convertible Debentures and Bonds

Security Trustee/ Facility Agent

To act as a Trustee on behalf of single or multiple lenders (both domestic & foreign) to hold entire security offered to secure the loans

To act upon instructions from the lenders

Share Pledge Trustee/ Share Monitoring Agent

To act as Share Pledge Trustee on behalf of lenders/ investors offered as security by the borrower

To act on lenders/ investors instructions for monitoring and enforcement of such pledged shares/ securities.

Securitisation Trustee

To act as trustee and ensure compliance as per RBI Guidelines and other statutory/ regulatory provisions

To ensure stipulated periodic payouts, send monthly reports and investor servicing

Escrow Agent

To monitor the cash flows and ensure utilization of the same as per pre-defined mechanism

Trustees – VCF/ AIF

To ensure compliance as per the terms of the fund documents and regulating bodies requirements.